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Q: What time are your Sunday worship services?

A: We have one Sunday service which occurs at 10 a.m.


Q: Where are your Sunday services held?

Galewood Community United Church of Christ
(1776 N Narragansett Ave., Chicago, IL 60639)


Q: Do you offer children's church?

A: Your children are welcome to attend Sunday morning worship or Wednesday Night service, but at this time we do not offer children's church.


Q: Do you offer Adult Sunday School?

A: Absolutely!   Sunday School begins at 9 am in the Upper Room.


Q: What is the typical Sunday attire?

A: At GCUCC, you will see a variety of styles - from suits and dresses to slacks and jeans. The most important thing is to come dressed in a way that you feel comfortable to worship God. Our dress code is "casual, but godly."


Q: Who leads the church?

A: Under the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit, our ministers lead GCUCC with guidance from the Executive Council.


Q: How do I join Galewood Community United Church of Christ?

A: Joining a church is a big decision and we are elated that you are considering becoming a part of the GCUCC family.  Towards the end of each worship service,  an Invitation to Discipleship is given for those wishing to join GCUCC.  At that time, we ask that you  walk down the aisle, give the Pastor your hand and God your heart.


Q: How can I serve in one of the GCUCC ministries?

A: GCUCC is growing, if you are interested in any of our ministries, please contact us or speak with a Pastor or GCUCC staff member.


Q: How long does worship service normally last?

A: Our regular worship services are approximately one hour and 30 minutes, but that time frame is subject to change under the direction of the Holy Spirit.


Q: Do you hold a mid-week service?

A: For a mid-week dose of the Word, join us at GCUCC on Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. for Bible study/prayer & praise service.

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